To Deliciousness and Beyond

Treats and treasures from the kitchen of Jenna Miller


About The Book

To Deliciousness and Beyond is a nicely focused book featuring 50 recipes in the dessert, beverage, and bread categories. Written by Jenna Miller, a trained baker who finds herself traveling the world wither her military officer husband and young son, Asher. Most recipes tend toward the sweet, but there are a good handful of crave-able treats for the savory lovers among us.

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Who should buy the To Deliciousness and Beyond cookbook?

  • Do you have a sweet tooth and love to bake? This book is for you.

  • Looking for fresh ideas for your school bake sale or cookie swap? You’ll find dozens of inspired options.

  • Love sharing a bowl of batter with your kids? These recipes are kid tested and approved.

Recipe Reviews:


Croque Monsieur Stuffed Pretzels

Croque Monsieur Stuffed Pretzels with a Bechamel Dipping Sauce

Delightfully chewy and full of savory goodness, it will hard to do happy hour the same after trying these pretzels. The yeasted dough has a nice light quality, and the fresh-from-the-oven baked pretzels are gooey, cheesy, and pure heaven.

You can skip the Bechamel and serve with your favorite mustard, and I think goes without saying your should enjoy with your favorite German beer. Prost!

Make it yourself: Croque Monsiuer Stuffed Pretzel Recipe ↠

5 forks out of 5  Reviewed Dec 2018

5 forks out of 5

Reviewed Dec 2018


Cran-Orange Shortbread Cookies

Cran-Orange Shortbread Cookies

The slice-and-bake format of these cookies has me dreaming of having a roll of cookies on hand ready for baking at any moment. This is a simple recipe that comes together quickly (as long as you can wait a few hours in the fridge before baking). I was impressed by the depth of flavor here, the cookies had a nice light shortbread quality (a bit more cakey than some other recipes I’ve tried, to great effect), and literally everyone I fed commented on the great orange flavor (I used clementine zest and juice in mine).

5 forks out of 5  Reviewed Dec 2018

5 forks out of 5

Reviewed Dec 2018


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