The Book of Greens

A thorough look at greens with recipes inspired by international flavors


First impressions:

A quick browse through this book and instantly I knew this would be the next addition to my collection. I'm an enthusiastic meat eater, but I really love vegetables, and every recipe in here speaks to the flavors I love! Soups, stews, dumplings, Italian, Japanese, and everything in between, all featuring exotic and not so exotic greens. The recipes sold me on the book, but the resources at the beginning of the book are equally worth the cost: how to treat greens by type (robust, tender, delicate, sturdy), seasonality charts, bowls 101. At the moment. I can say this is my favorite book I haven't yet cooked out of. Can't wait to dive in.  Stay tuned for recipe reviews. 

Also, check out author, Jenn Louis' restaurant Ray if you find yourself in the Portland area. 

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