Tartine All Day

Recipes for the home cook by a popular SF bakery/restaurant

 Cover from my Kindle edition

Cover from my Kindle edition

About Tartine All Day (Amazon Description)

An all-purpose, comprehensive cookbook with 200 recipes for the whole-foods way people want to eat and bake at home today, from James Beard Award-winning and best-selling author Elisabeth Prueitt, cofounder of San Francisco's acclaimed Tartine Bakery.

Tartine All Day is Tartine cofounder Elisabeth Prueitt’s gift to home cooks everywhere who crave an all-in-one repertoire of wholesome, straight-forward recipes for the way they want to eat morning, noon, and night. As the family cook in her own household, Prueitt understands the challenge of making daily home cooking healthy, delicious, and enticing for all—without wearing out the cook. Through concise instruction Prueitt translates professional expertise into home cooking that effortlessly adds variety and brings everyone to the table. With 200 recipes for everything from the best-ever salad dressings to genius gluten-free pancakes (and 45 other gluten-free options), the greatest potato gratin, fool-proof salmon and roasted chicken, do-able gathering-size meals, and dreamy desserts, Tartine All Day is the hard-working cookbook that will guide and inspire home cooks in new and enduring ways.

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Rich Tomato Sauce

Recipe review coming soon!

 4 forks out of 5

4 forks out of 5


Ricotta Dumplings

I'm still cooking my way through this book. Review to come soon!

 3 Forks out of 5

3 Forks out of 5


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