Recipes by rating

A rating of every cookbook recipe I try based on how likely they'll see another day in my kitchen

5 Fork Rating.png

5 Fork Recipes: All time favorites, going into heavy rotation

These are some of my favorite recipes that I turn to time and again.


4 Fork Recipes: Great recipes, bound to see the kitchen table again

Great recipes that deserve a replay.

3 Fork Recipes: Good recipes that may be better with some modification

There's a hint of something great here, worthy of a remake with some changes.

2 Fork Recipes: Meh

I ate the food, but don't intend to cook these recipes again.

1 Fork Recipes: Wish I had skipped this one

No redeeming qualities to report. The first time I made this recipe was also the last time I'll make it. Luckily, I rarely come across a recipe that deserves this poor rating.