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Dining In made Alison Roman’s SALTED BUTTER CHOCOLATE CHUNK SHORTBREAD Instagram-famous, but in fact all the recipes in this most-talked-about and of-the-moment cookbook are just as much of a source of inspiration. With 125 recipes for effortlessly chic dishes that are full of quick-trick techniques (think slathering roast chicken in anchovy butter, roasting citrus to ramp up the flavor, and keeping boiled potatoes in the fridge for instant crispy smashed potatoes), it’s no wonder Dining In has been dubbed a “treasure map” (Samin Nosrat, James Beard Award-winning author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat). Roman’s recipes—vegetable-forward with quality ingredients, punctuated by standout flavors like hot honey browned butter, preserved lemon, za’atar, and garlicky walnuts—have set today’s trends and are already establishing themselves as classics thanks to her devoted social media following. Her ingenuity seduces seasoned cooks, while her warm, edgy writing makes these recipes practical and approachable enough for the novice. Cooking through Dining In is the next best thing to having Alison right there with you in the kitchen: brash, funny, and full of opinions.

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