Hi, I'm Monique, and I'm obsessed with cookbooks.

I love all things food and cooking, but most of all I love diving into cookbooks. I'm a sucker for beautiful food photos, compelling headnotes, and authors with a unique voice.

My entire life revolves around food: I'm a food hobbyist but also work in food for a living, so I think, eat, and dream about food. I've been keeping a recipe journal for close to a decade, and now I'm sharing my explorations here on Hardcover Cook.

My current cookbook collection includes hundreds of titles, and I add new books almost every week. 

Join me as I cook through my collection.

Here's what you'll find at Hardcover Cook: 

A blog about the recipes that I make from cookbooks with a 1-to-5 fork scale rating system, reviews of the books I've cooked from, and a guide to online cookbook clubs. 

Can't find the recipe? That's on purpose—I'm hoping to pass along my cookbook obsession and think you should check the book out for yourself—buy it from your local bookstore or borrow it from your neighborhood library. When the recipe is available online I'll link to it, sometimes it's posted directly by the author, other times I link to other reviewers.

Have a tip you'd like to share? Drop me a line: monique@hardcovercook.com

The Rating System:

5 forks out of 5: Run to your local bookstore and buy this book. It's worth the recipe alone. It's going into my recipe rotation and should also be in yours.

4 forks out of 5: A great dish that will see another day at my kitchen table.

3 forks out of 5: A good dish worthy of making again, but may need a few tweaks.

2 forks out of 5: I ate it, not gonna hate on it, but not gonna make it again either.

1 fork out of 5: Skip this recipe, I've done the dirty work for you.